ways to improve survey engagement

Ways to Improve Survey Engagement

Surveys are a great way for you to boost user engagement. Here are some of the creative ways you can use to improve your survey engagement.

1. Add Visual Signals of Accomplishments

Visual signals, like progress bars, show participants how far in they have reached in completion of their survey questionnaire. Avatars can also be used to personalize the survey experience. Adding visual signals of accomplishment can help keep people motivated and move them through the survey. Humor or “cute” elements which resonate with participants and the survey content can also keep the participants interested through out the survey completion.

2. Enhance Appearance

A visually appealing survey will capture the interest of your audience and increase your response rates. You can used different questions types to make the survey easy and engaging for respondents, including skip logic, piped text, embedded images and a creative backgrounds.

3. Go mobile

Mobile research is a growing trend. Mobile compatibility features greatly increase response rates and can capture valuable data/responses in way that is convenient for the respondents.

Due to widely used social networking apps, allows respondents to take the survey without going to another site. By making your survey more convenient for social media users, it’s not unusual to see a 15-20% increase in your response rates.

4. Use Celebrities, Politicians, And Animals

Many survey designers have been able to greatly increase their user engagement by making surveys that compare someone to a celebrity, animal, or even a household item like a chair. If you can correlate people with specific celebrities in your niche, this could empower them to continue developing a strong bonding with the rest of your business. They’ll be more inclined to leave additional comments on how they felt about the survey questionnaire. This is where user engagement starts.

5. Virtual Rewards and Status Systems

If you play video games, you may realized that one of the essential elements of making a game fun involves giving rewards and in-game status updates to reward players for their participation. These acknowledgments come in the form of badges, icons, different levels of status and more. These incentives are different from monetary compensation for the participants’ time. Instead, these might be points which could be redeemed for rewards, or badges that acknowledge members of a panel—as an elite contributor, for example.

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