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Entrepreneurs in the UAE have many advantages which will certainly be available in other regions after few years. Advantages like easy process of establishing businesses, supporting infrastructure, high speed internet and initiatives like Dubai 10X, and SmartDubai.

Although there are ample options available, having a clear direction and road map is necessary for the success of businesses. Understanding the needs of customers gives clear direction to create a meaningful road map. This is where Surview can help your business – in creating surveys, distributing them and analyzing the results to make smarter decisions. In the following example we will highlight how entrepreneurs in the clothing business can make a survey with Surview.

Write Clear Goals of Your Survey

Before you start writing your survey questionnaire, think about what you want to achieve with the resulting data. When your focus is clear, you’ll be able to write questions aimed at getting you high quality, actionable data. Businesses commonly use Customer Feedback Survey to find out opinions of their customers in order to make improvements to their products and services. If you also decide to use Customer Satisfaction Survey now it’s important to decide how your store will use the data it will collect.

There can be many ways you can use the survey data, for examples, to:

  1. improve overall customer experience
  2. improve product/service offerings
  3. target high-profit customers
  4. and so on

After knowing how you’ll use the data, you can develop your survey goals, like:

Goal 1:
Measure customer satisfaction and identify ways to improve satisfaction

Goal 2:
Identify your customer demographics and how much they spend

Once the goals are in place, now is the time to decide which questions will give you the information required to address your research goals. For the first goal, you can ask rating questions on different aspects like service, pricing, product, and location.

For example:














In addition to the rating questions, it is also good to include open-ended questions on how your store can improve. Open-ended questions give your respondents more freedom to share their opinions in phrases, sentences and short paragraphs.


To make a complete survey use either from our ready-to-use 250+ templates or make your own survey.

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