Patient Satisfaction Survey

Are you a medical practitioner? Do you know how happy your patients are when they leave you? We can help you find out.

Why to Use Patient Satisfaction Survey

It is valuable to get a holistic view of what patients really think about the care and treatment they received. These simple insights lead to smart decisions on how to improve healthcare, patient happiness and the job satisfaction of your doctors and nurses.

What makes your patients happy? Could appointment waiting times be improved? Is the waiting room comfortable? How likely are your patients to recommend your service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment? A short survey taken in private (or anonymously) can quickly reveal a wealth of information on every stage of your patients’ experience. Your questions could also determine your patient’s opinion on the following topics:

  • Appointment booking, procedures and waiting times
  • Quality of treatment received
  • Hospital, practice and surgery facilities
  • Interactions with staff
  • Level of communication and support
  • Accessibility of facilities

Creating online surveys means you can design and publish them quickly, get results in real-time and analyse results in one place. Surview can help you achieve all of that.

How Surview Can Assist

– Available in English and Arabic versions

– Easily used by the doctors and patients in the UAE and Middle East on the whole.

– Doctors can easily managed the entire system via a single laptop/desktop computer.

– Patients can respond to the survey via smartphone, laptop/desktop computer

– iPad/Tablet solution also available to be placed at the reception or anywhere at your clinic / hospital

– Local support available

For assistance, contact us today at +971-55-5586803 or [email protected]

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