Surview – An Online Survey Maker

Surview – An Online Survey Maker

Surview is a survey portal for creating surveys, sending to proper and relevant respondents and conducting analysis of responses. There are many survey companies in Dubai, Surview is different because it provides online survey creation facility. Our partially free survey maker is used to create any type of survey. These surveys can contain most widely used question types. The surveys can be sent via mobile phones, websites and also via social media. The survey maker can edit the survey questionnaire at any time and analyze the collected responses.

The overall features of Surview are as follows:

  • Create and send survey with ease
  • Enterprise-grade features built for business
  • Expert advice and world-class support
  • Security
  • Target audience
  • Decision making from data

Our experts help you in make the survey to get answers to your questions. Our online survey maker called “builder” helps to find out right questions for the survey via in-built Question Bank – or by using survey templates. Our online survey maker has hundreds of templates for creating any type of surveys. We can also provide email and phone support while creating the survey. The online survey maker can provide survey tips and tutorials for those who create the survey. After survey is sent, respondents can give response through desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile devices.

We provide security for the survey through latest technologies; hence your sensitive information remains protected. Surview can send the created survey to the target audience and get responses within days.

You can use in-built robust analysis capabilities to make decisions from the data collected. You can also convert the data into a report and the can easily prepare presentation and charts from the data. Our survey experts have carefully created the survey templates and they are available online.

You can use different ways to improve survey engagement. Here we provide some creative ways to improve survey engagement.

  • Add images in the surveys
  • Enhance appearance like adding different question types, creative backgrounds.
  • Prepare survey for mobile users

Surview provides you many survey templates. Most famous surveys in the region include:

  • Diet and Exercise Survey
  • Education Survey
  • Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Event Planning Survey

Our experts have created a wide range of survey templates. If you need a new survey questionnaire, our experts can create that for you as per your requirements. The survey questions prepared by our experts make customers happy. If the customers need changes to the survey we will make the change and provide to the customers.

To know more about our online survey maker, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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