Benchmarking in Survey


Assume you have a luxury items shop. You send out a survey to find out the answer to:

“How likely is it that you would recommend our items to a friend or a colleague?”

Through Net Promoter Score (NPS) you get the score as 35. Is it an encouraging number or not? What do other luxury items shops score on NPS?

Well this is where benchmarking becomes useful.


Benchmarking is great way to assess and compare performance, processes and practices of your own business with standards in your company or the industry you are in. Benchmarks may be drawn from a your company’s own experience, from the experience of other companies in the industry, or from legal requirements such as government regulations.

The information obtained via comparison can then be used to make improvements, set goals and measure performance over time.

There are several common questions which survey creators select from Surview’s questions bank. Depending on the type of questions Surview can assist in drawing reference points / benchmarks as to where your scores rank in relation to your industry standards.

Our survey creation experts have carefully created survey templates and assessed the responses for most common questions. This is how the benchmarks have been achieved across the industries which exist on our system.

To begin with finding benchmarks in your industry, choose one of the survey templates available in the system.


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