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To keep our subscribers, followers and frequent users, we write blogs and articles to cover most requested and useful topics. Written by our team of experts these articles are written in simple and engaging ways by taking visual aids to facilitate our readers. Click the link below to visit the relevant page. Also feel free to contact if you wish us to cover any specific topics.

Case Studies

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. With consistent effort to fulfill our clients requirements we keep on improving our practices and service offers. In this section we present learning from our clients experiences. Visit the link below to see how we provided solutions to our clients.


This sections covers Surview in visual format. Features of Surview, testimonials of users, media coverage, and other relevant aspects have been covered in this section.

E Books

Many realize the strengths of Net Promoter Score but few exploit the full potential of NPS® in an automated feedback program. In this ebook we went in depth on how to get NPS to the next level and effectively set up an automated feedback loop. We illustrate this with the ‘the 4 stages of Net Promoter Score’. Starting from inviting your customers to a classic customer satisfaction survey going to integrating the Net Promoter Score approach as an early churn detection and prevention mechanism into your Business Intelligence Software.

Help Center

Visit this dedicated website which we have created to provide detailed assistance to use Surview. The help articles have been organised in categories covering topics around: how to create a survey, send to respondents, conduct analysis, login details and also how to maintain billing details.