Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey gives your customers a voice. You’ll learn what you could be doing better. And you’ll do a much better job of understanding why your big numbers are or aren’t where you want them to be.

Businesses which measure customer satisfaction:

  • have growth rates over 10% a year
  • improve customer retention
  • serve their clients better
  • stay longer in business
  • keep on innovating their products and services

Survey Templates

Our survey creation experts have created a huge variety of survey templates covering most businesses in the region. Whether you own a small-sized business or have a chain of superstores, we have a solution for you.

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey templates are ready to use by:

  1. Restaurants / Hotels
  2. Superstores
  3. Hospitals
  4. Automobile Showrooms /Workshops
  5. Parks and any other business which comes to your mind.

Easy and Clean Survey Builder

Elements of the survey builder have been placed in most convenient places. So users can quickly make the survey and  customize as per need.

The animation shows:

  1. Design Survey Tab
  2. Survey Builder Panel
  3. Survey Design Canvas
  4. Preview, Print or Save as a Template

Create Survey in English or Arabic 

Keeping in view the need of the region, Surview has made complete system in English and Arabic versions.

Just choose the language while logging in from the website or anytime while using the system during survey creation process.

Analysis and reports and also available in English and Arabic.


Collect Responses in Many Ways

Surview is a flexible survey creation platform. Once your survey is completed, you can use variety of methods to send out and collect responses.

Collect responses via email, weblink, social media, your own website, your mobile app or even manually – in offline mode.

As per your preference of language, use survey collector in English or Arabic.


The tablet-based customer satisfaction survey form has given voice to our tenants. Through this solution we have learnt about the actual concerns of our tenants.

Alibda Real Estate
Sharjah – UAE

Safe and Secure

All information on Surview is secure and protected in multiple layers – from user’s registration, loign system to industry standard SSL and malware protection systems.

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